ZEBRA Environmental Corporation is pleased to announce it has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Cascade Drilling, L.P.

This acquisition strengthens Cascade’s presence in the Northeast direct push, in-situ remediation and small auger market. ZEBRA Environmental Corporation will now be called ZEBRA Technical Services, LLC and will largely retain their current corporate identity as a subsidiary of Cascade Drilling L.P.

Please visit the Cascade Drilling Website for the full story.

Not Your Typical Driller


ZEBRA Technical Services is a specialized environmental contracting company dedicated to providing high quality subsurface sampling, installation, injection and data collection services to engineering and consulting firms. Since 1992, ZEBRA has earned a solid reputation as the most experienced, best equipped and most reliable direct push/probing service provider on the East Coast.

ZEBRA’s fleet of over twenty (25) DPT units (including 8040DT units & three 7822DT units) provides the flexibility needed to respond to our clients’ needs, large or small, at any type of site. The experience ZEBRA has gained performing thousands of projects allows us to assist the consultant in accomplishing the scope of work in the most efficient way possible.

ZEBRA remains committed to providing the most innovative technology available for DPT applications. Since 1996 ZEBRA has been offering Direct Sensing capabilities, including the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Electrical Conductivity (EC), Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT), Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT), Membrane Interface Hydraulic Profiling Tool (MiHPT), and HPT Groundwater Sampler(HPT-GW). ZEBRA is offering UVOST (LIF). The use of direct sensing tools (MIP, HPT, MiHPT, EC, CPT, and UVOST) can greatly reduce the collection of physical samples and improve the design of remedial injection programs. In addition to subsurface sampling and direct sensing services, another application of DPT equipment is the injection of in situ remediation products.

Zebra has experience injecting a wide variety of remediation products including terminal electron acceptor products, electron donor products, chemical oxidants and reductant products. By offering the widest range of DPT services available anywhere, ZEBRA can assist environmental professionals at many stages of a project, such as:

• Site Assessment
• Hydrogeologic Assessment
• Remedial System Pilot Testing and Installation
• Site Monitoring Remediation & Closure
• Site Closure




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